28 Dec

101 Dressage exercises – Review

I got this book years ago. Now I’ve bought it twice since I gave my first copy to my dressage trainer. She actually adapted an exercise from the book and started me doing that particular exercise.

As I’m reviewing the book again, I found towards the beginning a 6 day work schedule that Lisa Wilcox, the author, uses with her horses. I really wish I’d found it previously. Oh well, a 6 day work with one day for fitness training. I will have to start to incorporate that into my program for the coming year.

Most of the book are exercises to improve collection and stretching as well as building suspension. The book isn’t mean to go from the start to the end as a training program. Based on this years training and reading, this book is a series of exercises that you can use and insert into your training as you progress over time.

I like the book. It is definitely a good book to have in your training library. However, that being said, it needs to be used in a thoughtful way in order to help your horse and not make them tired and cranky.