30 Dec


As I think I mentioned before, I was out with a bad tooth and the flu most of the last month.  I always find it kind of weird to climb back on my horse after being off for that long.  Today was that day.  I took Coco to the arena which was freshly worked up.  We did quite a bit of walking.

I was sitting there on my horse thinking. Ok, what am I doing, where were we when I last rode my horse.  OH Yeah, we had started canter work.  Well given the weather and my own wobbliness, I decided to just walk and trot.

I did a lot of walk – halt – walk.  I wasn’t really feeling Coco lift her back up so we moved on to some slow trot to walk to trot work. 10 steps trot, 10 steps walk give or take a few steps. I really had to think through my body and my seat.

After walking and trotting, I called it a day. The wind up here was getting fierce and the cold getting bitter. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow or Wednesday. I’m thinking “WINTER SUCKS”.  Hopefully when we get really going again, Coco will revert to her “I had time off so I’m feeling like doing everything you want” attitude.  Otherwise she just tends to be a bit lazy.

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