28 Dec

Rounding in the Round Pen

Today was the first day of my new year and new goals. Since I’ve been sick most of the last month, I took Coco into the round pen for some general work.  I used my surcingle with the donut sidereins.

To start, I free-lunged her with just the surcingle. She has a tendency to play while she lunges so using a lunge line isn’t a good idea. She likes to buck and rear and generally play around. I’m pretty sure that I need to eventually do something about that jumping around. On a good note, if a rope gets around her leg, she’ll stop and look at you to get it off her leg. She’s sensible about most things.  Anyways the lunging went fairly well and she calmed down pretty quickly to focus on the work.

I put the sidereins on and we did a series of walk trot transitions. I spent a lot of time looking for her to drop her nose down and for her neck to stop inverting.  As soon as I saw the muscle on the top of her neck start to round up and that her back was lifting as well as her hind legs coming up under her belly, I knew I was on the right track. Well, at least I think I was on the right track. Someone might come along here and correct my thinking.

After I got her rounding up, I went into transitions: walk-trot-walk and trot-canter-trot.  I worked her for about 15 minutes on each side. Afterwards I let her walk around the round pen.  We called it a day and I fed her the scoop of Strategy that I’ve been feeding.

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